Wired Island News for 03-18-2018

//Wired Island News for 03-18-2018

Wired Island News for 03-18-2018

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Upcoming Trends in Public Relations

As media consumption continues to shift into the digital realm, both print and online publications have had to adjust their strategies to adapt. On the other side of the equation are the public relations professionals who help provide media outlets with their content – and they’ve had some adjusting of their own to do. “The media landscape as a whole is changing,” said Sabina Gault, CEO and founder of Konnect PR. “People don’t get their news in the same way they did five or 10 years ago. tablets and e-readers have more pictures, videos, pop-ups, sidebars, links – it’s so much easier to get distracted. Traditional media is not enough to create PR value.” “The media landscape is more expansive than ever before, with so many layers and nuances. The ones who can see clearly through all of the clutter and adjust their outreach strategies are the ones who will continue to reap the benefits.” The rise of social networks in recent years has been one of the greatest agents of change in the media and PR industries. “PR has gone from measuring straight media coverage to being able to measure actual impact with the target audience,” said Ivan Ristic, co-founder and president of Diffusion PR. “PR has always been and continues to be about brilliant storytelling. This is even more profound in social media. Now, a great PR campaign relies not only on a journalist to tell the story for a brand, but for its target audience to engage with it and share it far and wide. Content is king, and the most effective PR strategies today manage to flawlessly appeal to both journalist and consumer with compelling, authentic stories.” Social media can also provide a new way of connecting with members of the media, said Katherine Niefeld, president and CEO of BlinkPR. “Many PR strategies today have turned to a more social media-based approach, [such as] tweeting at editors or using Linked In to connect with top media outlets and buyers,” Niefield told Business News Daily. MJ Pedone, CEO and founder of Indra PR, agreed, noting that PR professionals and business owners looking for coverage should use social media to build strong relationships with writers. Given the evolving media landscape, there are a few highly effective tactics that PR professionals recommend for fellow agencies and small businesses doing their own public relations. “PR professionals should be managing expectations with their clients. Everybody wants to be featured everywhere, but that’s not how it works. Be targeted, but progressive in your media approach.”

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B2B – Front Page PR Provides Advertising, Social Media, PR Publicity, Media Relations, Trade Shows, Websites and Other Marketing Campaign Services

By Robert Hoskins, Front Page PR. Dallas, Texas – Employing a PR firm like Front Page PR in Q4 to help your company begin searching for free editorial opportunities, trade show speaking engagements for executives, building relationships with reporters and other types of marketing opportunities is the best way to make sure that your business will be able to maximize its mindshare awareness in the marketplace, while maintaining an affordable 2018 advertising, public relations, social media and trade show marketing budget. In many cases, many small business owners do not spend a lot of time thinking about PR or media planning because they have a small marketing budget. Mid-sized companies and larger corporations dedicate percent of their gross profit to a integrated marketing communications budget, which usually includes a mix of advertising, PR, marketing, social media and trade show event marketing. To give readers a good idea of the work we do and what types of editorial opportunities Front Page PR can uncover and plan for in 2018, we have included a list of possible advertising, public relations, and marketing opportunities below for your review. Every media outlet has a media kit that they provide to advertisers to potential customers know how much digital and print advertisements will cost. Building Media Relationships – Instead of sending cold media pitches reporters, working through this process allows PR contacts to begin building relationships with a real purpose based on future editorial opportunities, which also will lead to timely news articles. Trade Shows/Event Marketing – Important trade shows are listed on editorial calendars and for publications that have bonus circulation issues that are distributed in publication bins on the trade show floor and distributed to attendee hotel rooms. Sponsorship Opportunities – For corporations with large budgets, there are all kinds of trade show sponsorship and marketing opportunities, which are contained in their media kits. Competitive Research/Analysis – This process also allows Front Page PR to learn an entire industry, its buzzwords, whose it’s industry leaders are, and how reporters are covering certain subject matters, which is the key to knowing how reporters think and write their stories as well as what media pitches they will be open to receiving. With smaller budgets, Front Page PR can help a business target only the top 20 A-List publications such as business journals, newspapers and broadcast outlets in their industry or geographic location and grow their business until they can afford to spend more and more on PR, advertising, and social media as their business grows.

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