Wired Island News for 03-17-2018

//Wired Island News for 03-17-2018

Wired Island News for 03-17-2018

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November 2, 2015 Content Marketing’s Role in Improving SEO Exploring how content marketing can aide in your goals of improving SEO A successful content marketing program is often thought of as an outbound effort to bring visitors back to…. admin. February 19, 2015 Five Questions To Kickstart Your B2B Content Marketing Senior VP of Google Amit Singhal describes the importance of content marketing perfectly when he says, “Fundamentally, it is not just about content. It’s about identity, relationships and content.” Content…. admin. January 11, 2015 Of content marketing and corn fritters … B2B Marketing Trends 2015 Series, Continued- Have you ever tried to get a highschooler not to share something on social? Parents have tried for years to warn teens of the evils…. admin. December 29, 2014 B2B Social Media Tactics That Work B2B Social Media Case Study Shows How To Deliver 100% Web Traffic Boost What does it take for a company to turn their b2b social media channels into lead generating tools?…. admin. May 8, 2014 Did social media just smack public relations? Google Trend Reveals When Social Media Overtook PR December 2009 might not have meant much to you at the time, but it was the inflection point for when social media…. admin. May 6, 2014 What They Forgot to Tell Me In PR School by Alissa Mead, Write2Market Intern Public Relations, as with any industry, has its own unique vocabulary and jargon, and as a recent college graduate who majored in public relations, I…. admin. March 18, 2014 Earned Media Tips from meeting girls in gay bars by TJ Lane, Senior Account Supervisor for Write2Market Nielsen public relations research and in person studies point out the “Spectrum of trust and persuasion” Every marketer knows that the most…. admin. February 13, 2014 B2B Marketing and PR Tactics What if you could instantly compare your content marketing program with other b2b marketers, and find those squeaky points to fix? A new report from experts Ann Handley and Joe…. admin. December 31, 2013 2014 B2B PR Trends: Collaborative Storytelling Unlike the other 4 top trends in our 2014 B2B Public Relations Trends series, this one has nothing to do with taking advantage of the right technologies for your marketing…. admin. February 14, 2013 Using Email Marketing to Increase your Industry Leadership By: Ashley Wilson I recently attended an email marketing conference – All about eMail Live! – that featured experienced digital marketing from Chickfila, Case-Mate, Paperstyles, KooKooBear Kids, Equifax and DMA…. admin.

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Upcoming Trends in Public Relations

As media consumption continues to shift into the digital realm, both print and online publications have had to adjust their strategies to adapt. On the other side of the equation are the public relations professionals who help provide media outlets with their content – and they’ve had some adjusting of their own to do. “The media landscape as a whole is changing,” said Sabina Gault, CEO and founder of Konnect PR. “People don’t get their news in the same way they did five or 10 years ago. tablets and e-readers have more pictures, videos, pop-ups, sidebars, links – it’s so much easier to get distracted. Traditional media is not enough to create PR value.” “The media landscape is more expansive than ever before, with so many layers and nuances. The ones who can see clearly through all of the clutter and adjust their outreach strategies are the ones who will continue to reap the benefits.” The rise of social networks in recent years has been one of the greatest agents of change in the media and PR industries. “PR has gone from measuring straight media coverage to being able to measure actual impact with the target audience,” said Ivan Ristic, co-founder and president of Diffusion PR. “PR has always been and continues to be about brilliant storytelling. This is even more profound in social media. Now, a great PR campaign relies not only on a journalist to tell the story for a brand, but for its target audience to engage with it and share it far and wide. Content is king, and the most effective PR strategies today manage to flawlessly appeal to both journalist and consumer with compelling, authentic stories.” Social media can also provide a new way of connecting with members of the media, said Katherine Niefeld, president and CEO of BlinkPR. “Many PR strategies today have turned to a more social media-based approach, [such as] tweeting at editors or using Linked In to connect with top media outlets and buyers,” Niefield told Business News Daily. MJ Pedone, CEO and founder of Indra PR, agreed, noting that PR professionals and business owners looking for coverage should use social media to build strong relationships with writers. Given the evolving media landscape, there are a few highly effective tactics that PR professionals recommend for fellow agencies and small businesses doing their own public relations. “PR professionals should be managing expectations with their clients. Everybody wants to be featured everywhere, but that’s not how it works. Be targeted, but progressive in your media approach.”

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