A Printed Smile – Public Relations Success in 3D Printing

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A Printed Smile – Public Relations Success in 3D Printing

Public relations (PR) success can be hard to measure. So much of the value of PR is intangible, which is also part of why it is effective.   However, every so often, the combined communication efforts of the client and the agency coalesce and achieve discernible press coverage.   This has been the experience for Wired Island and our client, Optomec, a pioneer in the industrial use of 3D printing technology.

As any pioneer will concur – being the first to promote a new idea is never easy and takes patience and tenacity. Optomec has earned a positive reputation among its customer base for the quality of its products, technology and overall expertise in Additive Manufacturing. But, from an external marketing perspective, the company has taken a very conservative approach. While many other companies chose to jump on the hype and excitement of 3D Printing, Optomec consistently pushed forward on its idea of the “evolutionary” nature of this technology.   This strategy is finally paying off.   So far, in the first four months of 2016, there have been ten significant articles on Optomec and its evolutionary strategy.

One of the most significant results is from the Economist, which recently published an article describing how 3D printing is coming of age as a manufacturing process.   A key proof point referenced is Optomec’s recent announcement with Lite on Mobile where the this global contract manufacturer announced it is using Optomec’s Aerosol Jet technology for high-volume production of electronic devices.

Secondly, a customer of Optomec published a glowing report on how it has used Optomec’s technology to overcome big design and manufacturing challenges for instrument devices.   The customer – the Goddard Space Flight Center at NASA – went on to say that if they succeed as they think they will with Optomec’s technology – they could define a whole new approach to creating dense electronic assemblies in ways not possible using traditional manufacturing processes.

A third key article appeared in the April issue of Design News. This one also expanded on the innovative and effective way in which Lite on Mobile is using Optomec’s Aerosol Jet technology.

Finally, this article from Engineering.com really shines a light on the effectiveness of PR with its opening line: “There is nothing else like Optomec’s Aerosol Jet series on the market, as the Aerosol Jet 3D printer is the only such device capable of spraying conductive inks and other materials onto objects for electronics prototyping or even, in some cases, mass manufacturing.”

Really, we couldn’t have written it better ourselves.

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