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Project Description

deadbattery“Relieving battery anxiety” is the way our client Paper Battery Company likes to describe their mission in life.  Battery anxiety is something we all face in our digital world of constant connectivity.   Just when we need our smart phone the most the battery is dead!

Paper Battery Company has developed technology to better manage power distribution and enhance traditional battery performance in a range of electronic devices, from mobile products to servers and other IT infrastructure.  Its patented technology is implemented as an ultrathin power supercapacitor sheet, integrated directly into or as a circuit board for power and voltage management, reducing component count and revolutionizing power distribution and management.

With the rising dependence on electronic devices, power management is becoming a key concern.   Paper Battery Company recognized this huge opportunity and turned to Wired Island for assistance as it was coming out of stealth mode.    Our charter with the company isto help them gain visibility in key market segments.   So far our work with ranged from message development to content development.  We’ve helped them differentiate their technology and worked with them on the design and build out of their new website.

Project Details