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Project Description

optomec_people Optomec is breaking new ground in the world of additive manufacturing with its innovative 3D printing solutions for industrial manufacturing.  Its patented technology enables the development of parts and structures on a scale and in formats not possible with previous generations of 3D printing – including printed electronics, metals and other emerging applications in health and energy. Optomec is at the forefront of providing manufacturers with the benefits of 3D printing – lower cost, faster development times, more efficient production processes – and bring production scale 3d printing to key industries such as consumer electronics, military/aerospace and medical implants.

The challenge Optomec faced when it partnered with Wired Island was how to effectively position the company in the over-hyped world of 3D printing.    In addition to assistance with forming the right messaging the company wanted help implementing it across communications disciplines.

Wired Island assisted Optomec with a comprehensive messaging development program, which included an in-depth perception audit.   Interviewing customers, partners, influencers and company executives, Wired Island worked with Optomec and established a communications framework that articulates the companies core value across its diverse product line.   We then worked with Optomec on a complete re-design of its company web site that reflected the new messaging and its positioning as rising star in the 3D printing industry.

Project Details