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Project Description

Holography is a technology that has been around for a long time but has yet to reach widespread commercial success. Ceres Holographics hopes to change all that and has partnered with Wired Island to help get the word out about its expertise and solutions.  Togther, Ceres Holographics and Wired Island developed and launched a new corporate web site that showcases its pioneering work in volume holography.  In addition to establishing a web presence, Wired Island is working closely with Ceres Holographics to position the company in the rapidly growing holography industry.  Ceres Holographics is a start-up company based in St. Andrews, Scotland focused on commercializing volume holography for key high-growth market segments such as security, visualization and holographic optical elements (HOEs) used in applications such as headset display, virtual reality and automotive.Ceres Holographics taking holography to the next level

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