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Project Description

shutterstock_9AthenaAthena went from little-known IP provider to garnering significant editorial coverage in the US and Europe in industry trade publications for its robust cryptography  IP cores that protect against  Differential Power Analysis (DPA) and Side Channel Attacks (SCA).   DPA and SCA are ways of hacking an electronic device just by monitoring variations in power and present serious threats to digital security and user authentication.

Wired Island helped Athena launch its full set of IP cores with DPA countermeasures.   We introduced the company to the top-tier industry influencers and conducted a series of one-on-one briefings that resulted in immediate news coverage and opportunities for future coverage.    Athena was covered in news and feature stories in:  EE Times, EE Journal, Tech Design Forum and ChipDesign.

In addition to garnering key press coverage, the key messages that surfaced reinforced  Athena’s communications objectives, which included educating the market on the following concepts:

  • Cryptography IP alone is no longer enough
  • Countermeasures have to be tested to ensure they work
  • Athena is making DPA-resistant IP cores available for the first time for ASIC targets and FPGA devices

The key success factor in this launch was how well the subtle messages were woven into the stories.  This announcement has laid a positive and solid foundation for Athena from a public relations standpoint and sets the stage for more to come.


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