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Project Description

Working with startup companies is challenging and rewarding. These small companies have big ambitions and bring a fresh perspective to old challenges. A careful balance of vision and reality plus a good dose of luck is required to get them the attention and respect they deserve. This never comes easy but that’s exactly why it’s hugely gratifying when all the elements align.

Our French startup client, Accelize is a good example. Accelize is a new player in area dominated today by Amazon, Microsoft, Google among others.

As data-intensive applications such as genomics, video processing, industry 4.0, AI, and machine learning push data center limits, Cloud Service Providers and their technology partners are turning to FPGAs for performance, flexibility and cost advantages.  However adoption of FPGA technology among cloud and enterprise software developers has been slow and this is where Accelize sees a huge opportunity.

Accelize recognizes that the full development of FPGA public instances requires a whole ecosystem that address both the programming and business challenges currently limiting FPGA expansion.  As a startup, it faces has a big challenge in aligning the Cloud Service providers, IP vendors, technology companies and software developers.  Its vision is to enable FPGA-Acceleration-as-a-Service to make FPGA technology more accessible for enterprise and cloud software developers.

Its a classic David and Goliath story that is just starting to unfold and so far the reception from key journalists and analyst has been good. However, we know we’ve only just begun. 

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