Making Computer History with Art

///Making Computer History with Art

Making Computer History with Art

History, art, museums, and technology – today they are all coming together for our client Coventor.  Coventor is a software company with a tool called SEMulator3D that lets semiconductor designers model complicated fabrication processes to anticipate and avoid costly manufacturing issues. The tool’s tagline “predicting actual from virtual” sums up its core benefit, and the value it brings to customers.

As part of its participation in the Design Automation Conference (DAC), Coventor, created a work of art with data generated from its SEMulator3D process modeling tool. The piece was created as part of an art show, curated by the organizers of DAC to highlight the creativity and artistry that fuels the electronics industry.  Coventor created a 3D sculpture that modeled 14nm FinFET Technology and was honored with the grand prize.

80 plus companies submitted pieces to the Art Show and all were judged in several categories such as: best visualization, best silicon photo, most inspiring, most insightful and most artistic. As the winner of the Grand Prize, Coventor’s piece stood out in all categories and will now be moved to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA where it will be on display for one year.

We commend DAC, Coventor and the 80 companies who took the time to create thought-provoking pieces to this show. So often we focus on the features, benefits and latest advances our technology that we fail to step back and appreciate the shear beauty and artistry in our work.

We know that art and technology are intrinsically linked and there are plenty of examples of how technology is changing how art is made.  But, this is different. This is Technology As Art.  And, as someone who works with technology and appreciates art, I have to say it is fun and refreshing to share this kind of news.

This piece gives me a deeper appreciation for Coventor and it’s technology. Next time I’m in California I’ll be sure to check out Covetnor’s 14nm FinFET 3D Sculpture in the Computer History Museum!

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